Truths are but Lies

July 8, 2006

The title of this blog is of course an homage to Frederich Nietzsche. It uses as its fundamental philosophy the notion that “truths are but lies we agree to recite to each other.” Nietzsche said many things in this vein, calling truths “illusions we have forgotten are illusions.” As with Nietzsche, there is a thin veneer of shock intended as well as a deep heartwood of meditation. Over time I will hopefully give examples of what I am talking about, but in the short term do not believe that I am making some mindless generalization. All lies are not equal. There are a great many that we should agree to recite to each other. I have science in mind here. It is perhaps our best lie. At its best it is constantly attempting to disprove itself. No better approach can be taken.  (Originally published 5/10/06 6:01pm on untimelymeditations.zenosox.com)


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