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Our President and Language

March 4, 2017

Understanding our President seems to involve using a great deal of thought and consideration.  Where we are used to political language, Mr. Trump gives us something quite different.   Something very much like understanding very bad fiction.

This morning he went on Twitter to accuse President Obama of tapping his “wires” at Trump Tower.


Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!

Wires tapped is a strange phrase.  Reminds me of Sen. Stevens reference to the internet as having pipes. I am used to strange phrases coming from this President’s mouth.  It is how I keep track of whether he is saying something directly from his own mind or is reading ghostwritten lines.  His own thoughts always contain at least one very strange phrase.  Usually either cast in the third person or inverted is some way.  This, however, is not my problem today.

It is the final statement that I find so interesting.  I know something about Mr. McCarthy, assuming he is talking about the Senator from Wisconsin. But Joe never bothered to collect evidence, never needed to tap a phone, even had he been able to do that.  He simply made stuff up to suit the moment.  He created “fake news” to borrow a phrase.

I propose that perhaps the President is telling us that his tweet is what is McCarthyism.  Perhaps he is more honest than we give him credit for being.  Perhaps this is what he has been doing all along.

The FBI is political: that is how I will make it in my administration.

The IRS is political: it will be under Trump.

Crooked Hillary: all pols are corrupt and he will show them how it is actually done.

I recognize this approach from the way Bill Clinton used to say things.  “I did not have sex  with that woman (pause) Miss Lewinski.  Did he connect the two parts of that sentence into one?  Or was it two separate statements, unconnected in his mind.  Each valid, but unrelated?